Hiya, I’m Becca- AKA Mrs Sensei Paul

I suppose you could say that I became involved in the club before it even existed! I actually trained alongside Paul back in the day when he was in the regular lineup and not teaching the class (sorry to disappoint- we were already married at this point. No Dojo romance here I’m afraid!) and regularly trained without him and even did some teaching, leaving him at home in charge of the kids, imagine that!! I graded up to 4th Kyu before I eventually had to hang up my Gi due to health reasons.

‘Behind every disorganised instructor that hates paperwork and just wants to do karate….there’s a rather awesome partner propping them up and keeping it together’

– Sensei Tracey Drain, Cobra Karate

My key role at Black Scorpion Karate is generally assisting Sensei Paul in the day to day running of the club. I am responsible for most of the less karate-oriented parts of the club including bookkeeping and events management.

My favourite part of the job is the event management side. I plan and arrange the club events including the tournaments and end of year awards. I love running these events as it provides us with an opportunity to see students from across the club together in the same space! I only see most of our students at these big club events and it never ceases to amaze me how grown up everybody looks from one event to the next!

I am learning on the job as it were, and as such am always happy (and grateful!) to receive feedback.