How to Join

To join simply contact us or simply turn up to your nearest class. Your First class is free, and we operate a pay as you train system until your first grading when you will change to a monthly fee which entitles you to train as many times as you like each month for a discounted rate.

As a martial artist, you are required to have personal indemnity insurance which is £15 for the first year which includes your club membership. This also includes your membership to the Cobra Martial Arts Association. This is not payable until your 4th lesson as we want to make sure you are enjoying your karate first.
The pay as you train tariff is as follows;

Our lessons are priced at £5.50 if there is one person, £4.50 each if there are two people or for three people or more just £10.50 (people must live at the same address). If you decide to train at another class, that will be just £2.50 per person.

You do not need a uniform straight away, let’s make sure you are enjoying karate first. When you are ready to get a uniform, you can buy them through our website or at your next class.

All you need to wear are some sports clothes jogging pants and t-shirt is ideal, make sure you bring a drink too.

Some of our classes have a waiting list, please contact us to avoid disappointment and secure your free taster lesson.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club.