It takes years of hard work and dedication or as Sensei Paul says “blood, sweat, snot and tears! to achieve a black belt.

Not every student who starts karate makes it to black belt and an even smaller number go beyond 1st Dan.

Below is a list of our students who have achieved their Black Belts in addition to this all dan grades are recognised, ratified and listed on the national black belt register.

Shodan ho (junior black belt age under 12 years old)

Philipa Jackson March 2018

Kerim Saglam March 2018

Shaun Makin March 2018

Oliver Bayliss September 2018

Kyle Portis April 2019

Jacob Cunliffe November 2019

Alexander Jones November 2019

Rose Jha November 2019

Emma Rogers November 2019

Euan Corcoran

Shodan – 1st Dan

Jamie Fishwick June 2016

Georgia Keogh December 2016

Mike Hern December 2016

Kev McCardle June 2017

Amber Thompson October 2017

Rebekah Thompson October 2017

Adam Hale October 2017

Jamie Wilson October 2017

Katie Wilson October 2017

Luke Crompton October 2017

Kegan Randall October 2017

Britney Crompton March 2018

James Cheetham-Potts March 2018

Jayson Watch September 2018

Sally Clark September 2018

Craig Lyon September 2018

Taylor Doran September 2018

Sophie Mitchell April 2019

Amilia Ingrham April 2019

Aaron Bradshaw April 2019

Alexander Strettle April 2019

Lucy Aitken November 2019

Gail Rourke November 2019

Amy Rourke November 2019

Prak Jha November 2019

Eva Jha November 2019

Chris Rogers November 2019

Lucy Rogers November 2019

Jamie Unwin November 2019

Kira Arnold November 2019

Isabelle Clark December 2020

Kyle Russell October 2021

Annie Ainscough October 2021

Nidan – 2nd Dan

James Fishwick Sensei March 2016 – Graded by Sensei George Best

Aiesha Kirkman December 2016

Che Kirkman December 2016

Luke Shaw September 2018

Aman Riat April 2019

Ray Holt Sensei April  2019

Martin  Kershaw Sensei November 2019

Francesca Laven November 2019

Hannah Thompson November 2019

Charlotte Tickle December 2020

Ava McCann October 2021

Esmé McCann October 2021

Millie Greenhalgh October 2021

Sandan – 3rd Dan

Paul Selby Sensei December 2018 – Graded By Sensei Tracey Drain and Sensei Alan Wood

Amanda Kershaw Sensei October 2021