Brown and Black Belt grading 2018 (archive)

A big well done to all who successfully passed the Brown and Black belt grading examination in October.

We held are final Brown and Black belt grading assessment of the year on the 21st October.  This was for students attempting for 2nd kyu 1st kyu and 1st Dan (shodan)

All candidates were put through their paces during this high intensity assessment, which consisted of khion, combinations ipon kumite and kata and a few surprises too!!!

During the final weeks towards the grading students have been nervous during lessons, sadly we had to make the decision the week before the assessment to ask some candidates to wait until next time.   This was not a decision that was lightly made by myself but a decision that was in the students best interests.

What a fantastic grading it was, all students where on a mission a mission to achieve their next grades.  a fantastic standard of karate, effort and focus.

Well done we are proud of you all!!!! 🙂

Well done to our new 2nd kyu’s

Sally Clark

Isabelle Clark

Craig Lyons

Amaliya Dixon

Charlotte Tickle

Kyle Portis

J Watch

Taylor Doran

Well Done! to our new 1st kyu’s

Britney Crompton

Millie Greenhalgh

A extra BIG well done to our new Shodan 1st Dan BELTS!!!!

Adam Hale

Rebeckah Thompson

Amber Thompson

Jamie Wilson

Katie Wilson

Francesca Laven

Luke Crompton

Keegan Randall

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