Our first week back after lockdown

Wow, what a fantastic first week back at training we have had! A massive thank you to all of the parents and supporters that are waiting outside, this is hugely helpful in managing numbers.

How we are keeping our families safe:-
  • We are running all dojos at reduced capacity, below the numbers stipulated in the COVID-secure measures outlined by our governing body.
  • We are operating a cone system, whereby cones are placed 2m away from each other to give students a physical reminder to social distance. This is working very well and we have even been able to do a little bit of pad work in family/bubble groups when we have had a class full of family groups.
  • All students and spectators are wearing masks before they have their temperatures taken. Anybody with a temperature over 37.6 or any symptoms will be turned away until they produce a negative test result (or after waiting for 14 days). Thankfully we have not had any cause to turn anybody away YET! But we will remain vigilant.
  • Spectators are hugely reduced, and once they can no longer maintain social distancing within their bubbles, we will again have to turn people away. So please please please stay in your cars if you can. Some spectators will need to stay with their children and we would hate to have to turn them away.
  • Everybody is using hand sanitizer upon entry to the dojo’s and regularly throughout the session when they feel the need.
  • The dojo spaces are being cleaned thoroughly between classes, so apologies if any of the Sensei’s smell like floor cleaner, but you can never be too careful!
  • All classes are being booked in advance, and they are filling up QUICK. So please be sure to send a message to Sensei Paul to reserve your space. (Existing members are being prioritised, but new members are welcome to join our waiting list.)
Image Description: a collage of three images. The top image shows our Rainhill dojo which has a grey and green linoleum floor with sports court markings. On the floor are small red cones in straight lines, spaced 2 metres apart. The bottom left and right images are the same space and cone setup with the addition of some of our students in their karate suits.

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