Amanda Kershaw


I’m delighted to be a member of the team at Black Scorpion Karate. I have known Paul for several years as a friend and fellow karateka and it’s great to be now working with such a wonderful group of instructors and students.

I started karate training relatively late in life (mid 40s); like many others it was a case of joining in with my daughter who had recently started classes. In the early days I could never have dreamed that I would make it to first dan black belt, but I have learned that with determination and self-belief, you really can achieve your goals, I passed my black belt grading in 2016.

Having been through this journey myself, I would love to see more ladies involved with karate. No-one is too old, too unfit, or not “sporty” enough to start training. Karate truly is for everyone – all ages and abilities. As well as the health benefits of fitness and de-stressing, you will improve your confidence, form a circle of great friends and karate is something that the whole family can enjoy together.

Myself and my husband Martin (another recent addition to the BSK team) have lots of experience supporting and coaching youngsters both in class and at tournaments around the country. I myself competed in the Malta International Open in 2017 which was a fantastic experience.

I am looking forward to continuing to develop my karate at Black Scorpion, training and working with fellow students and supporting our Chief Instructor Paul Selby.