End of the year training and awards 2015

On Sunday 21st November we held our 3rd End of year training and awards.  What a fantastic afternoon it was.

We had white belts up to 2nd Kyus training; the effort from all grades was fantastic.

The session was split into two grade groups, higher grades and lower grades.  For the first session the higher grades where thought by Paul Sensei and Sempai Mike while the lower grades where thought by James Sensei and Sempai Ray, for the second session the instructors swapped groups.  Both groups worked fantastically hard during their sessions.  During these sessions we covered advanced line drills and kata application, Isabelle enjoyed showing sempai Mike whose boss!!



Steve Hogan photography was with us to photograph the event you can see the pictures here.




(He has kindly offered to do A4 size photos for £12 for the next week.  Please order ASAP at class)


We then moved onto kuimte and finished and then moved on to the highlight of the afternoon the AWARDS!!


It is always very hard choosing the winners for the awards

The following student where given trophies for most improved students


Philipa Jackson

Oliver Bayliss

Alexa Crompton

Ned Brougham

Aaron Bradshaw

Stanley Appleton

Shayne Hern


Outstanding Student Trophies were awarded to the following students

Alex Strettle

Hannah Thompson

Georgia Keogh

The following students received trophies for student of the year for their dojo

Rainhill Dojo Ava McCann

Farnworth Dojo Toby Markham

Wigan Dojo Keegan Randall

Chainlane Dojo Alfie Lyon


The following students were awarded student of the year across the club for their age groups


Leo Brougham

Luke Crompton

Katie Wilson

Mike Hern (adult)


We also awarded some award badges

Excellent attendance

Philipa Jackson

Aaron Bradshaw

Taylor Doran


Excellent Kicker badges

Toby Markham

Adam Hale


Excellent student badges


Charlotte McNamara

Emily Johnstone

Joel Levens


2015 has been a great year for the club and we are looking to 2016.


Paul Sensei and the instructor team would like to thank all the students and parents and the karate wife’s for making the club the success it is.