On Sunday 21st December we held our final grading of the year at our  Chain Lane dojo.

This was a small grading which had students attempting their first grade with some attempting grades as high as 4th kyu.

All students put in fantastic effort and kept their karate to the high standard that is expected.

Sensei Paul was very impressed with the kata and kumite sections. Students demonstrated  great control and respect when doing kumite and performed the katas to a great standard.

Well done to our new Orange Belts

Charlotte Tickle

Amaliya Dixon


Well done to our new Green Belts

Holly Robinson

Adam Hale


Well done to our new Blue Belts

Bradley Waring

Rhiannon Bromilow


Well done to our new Purple Belt

Jessica Cheetham Potts


Well done to our new Purple Belts white stripe

Toby Markham

Lucy Markham

Aaron Bradshaw

James Cheetham Potts


Many Thanks to sempai Ray for giving up his time to help out.

Your Grading Pictures will be available at your next class

What a great way to finish of your year . Well done!