Chain Lane Grading – March 2024

🥋🎉👏 Congratulations to all our amazing students from the Chain Lane Dojo in St. Helens! 🎉👏🥋 We are thrilled to announce that all of the dedicated karatekas who participated in Saturday morning’s Kyu grading progressed to their next coloured belts! 🌟 Your commitment, hard work, and perseverance have paid off, and you’ve shown incredible skill and determination throughout your journey. We’re honoured to have such dedicated members in our karate family. 💪 Let’s give a huge round of applause to each and every one of you for reaching this milestone. Your achievements reflect your individual growth and inspire others within our community. Keep striving for excellence, and remember that the journey of martial arts is as rewarding as the destination. 🚀 Here’s to your continued success in the dojo and beyond! Keep shining brightly; we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next. 🌟 #KarateAchievements #TeamBSK #BlackScorpionKarate #KarateFamily #ChainLaneDojo #StHelens #KyuGrading #MartialArtsJourney #Congratulations 🥋🎉👏

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