Charity Tournemnt Timetable

We are looking forward to tomorrows charity tournement with our frineds at Cobra Karate Manchester

Please click on the documents below to see what time your Event is, please arrive 20 minutes befor eyour event is due to start.

Remember the address is the Deanary High School, Frog Lane, Wigan WN1 1HQ

See you tomorrow

Ring 1


Ring 2

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World Cancer Day 2018

A huge thank you to all of our students that donned their pink belts last week

In every class last week, we wore pink belts in support of Cancer Research UK and world cancer day 2018.

Some of the students have been writing the names of loved ones affected by cancer on their pink belts, which has made the whole event even more poignant.

Pink Belts for World Cancer Day 2018. Black Scorpion Karate

Across the club, we managed to raise an impressive £600! We could not be more proud of each and every one of our students. They are genuinely a brilliant bunch of people and are extremely generous each time we raise money for charities that are important to us.

Although Cworld cancer week 2018 has now ended, you can still make a difference by donating to Cancer Research UK


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Brown and Black Belt Grading Success

A big well done to all who successfully passed the Brown and Black belt grading examination in October.

We held are final Brown and Black belt grading assessment of the year on the 21st October.  This was for students attempting for 2nd kyu 1st kyu and 1st Dan (shodan)

All candidates were put through their paces during this high intensity assessment, which consisted of khion, combinations ipon kumite and kata and a few surprises too!!!

During the final weeks towards the grading students have been nervous during lessons, sadly we had to make the decision the week before the assessment to ask some candidates to wait until next time.   This was not a decision that was lightly made by myself but a decision that was in the students best interests.

What a fantastic grading it was, all students where on a mission a mission to achieve their next grades.  a fantastic standard of karate, effort and focus.

Well done we are proud of you all!!!! 🙂


Well done to our new 2nd kyu’s

Sally Clark

Isabelle Clark

Craig Lyons

Amaliya Dixon

Charlotte Tickle

Kyle Portis

J Watch

Taylor Doran


Well Done! to our new 1st kyu’s

Britney Crompton

Millie Greenhalgh


A extra BIG well done to our new Shodan 1st Dan BELTS!!!!

Adam Hale

Rebekah Thompson

Amber Thompson

Jamie Wilson

Katie Wilson

Francesca Laven

Luke Crompton

Keegan Randall


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David Lloyd grading news

Yet another afternoon of great karate!! Well done to all those who passed their grading assessments on Sunday Afternoon.  After a busy weekend you guys did not disappoint.

The karate was excellent  from all those who attempted their next grades.  Your hard work and determination is paying of and it shows in your karate!!

A big happy birthday to Izzy who despite having a party planned straight after the assessment worked hard to add a yellow belt along with the rest of the new things she got on her birthday.  Oh and thanks for the smarties.


A big well done to Charlie who was the only candidate attempting yellow belt and had to do her kata in a room of 50 people by herself.  What a Kata it was as well.  I see big things in the future for this young lady.

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Great turnout for the brown and black belt training!

A big thank you to all the brown and black belts who gave up their Saturday afternoon to attend the extra training session.

The session focused on combinations Jyu Ippon kumite and Katas Basi dai, Enpi, Jion and sochin including application of techniques performed in the kata with partner.  Personally I believe that if we don’t have understandings of the moves in the kata it becomes a dance routine.


Each student who attended worked hard and made the session a great afternoon.  Grading assement forms will be handed out in class for those who are ready for their next grading assessment.

Thank you for all the kind feed back, I am doing what I love doing!

We are already planning the next one 🙂

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Rainhill Grading News

A grading assessment was held for the junior grades at the Rainhill class.  Well done to all who passed their assessments.  I was very impressed with the Heian Nidan katas performed by the red belts.  This is a kata that most people including myself have struggled with the Wigan students all remember when Sensei Ray was learning it!!  All students worked hard from start to finished to show they have what it takes to achieve their next grades.


Well done to you all

A grading date will be set for the senior grades assessment soon 🙂

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Wigan Grading write up

A big congratulations and well done to all who successfully passed their grading assessments at the Wigan Grading.

The grading was packed with enthusiastic Students from both Sensei Paul and Sensei Rays classes.

The atmosphere was great!! The grading panel headed up by myself (Sensei Paul) were very impressed with all the candidates, who put up a fantastic display of karate. We could not fault the assessment, each student who passed deserved their next belt.


A extra big well done to the 4 candidates who passed and achieved their 3rd Kyu brown belts!!

Emma Lawrence

Emma is a fantastic student who trains hard 3 times a week.  She is positive role model to younger members of the club.  She never gives up and continues to push her self each lesson.  WELL DONE EMMA!!


Sophie Mitchell

Sophie attends karate well basically any class she can get to.  She is another superstar who has made great progress this year.  She is extremely dedicated to her karate, sometimes coming straight from her rugby training to class, even knowing she is tired never shows it.   CONGRATULATIONS SOPHIE!!


Euan Corcoran

Its been a pleasure seeing this young mans karate and confidence grow this year.  He has come along way and is developed into a fantastic brown belt.  I am looking forward to watching what you achieve next year.

Rumour tells me that you fancy your self as one of the clubs junior instructors well we will sort a position out for you 🙂  WELL DONE AGAIN EUAN


Luica Lakstigala

Luica Joined us earlier this year from another club she had been attending for years.  She moved to us as we where closer to her home and she struggled to attended classes at her own club due to the traveling.

She has transitioned it to the Black Scorpion family very well.  She was put through her paces during the grading and pushed herself through her boundaries.  Another well deserved 3rd Kyu.  HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!


A big thank you as always to the parents and supporters who gave up their time today to support you on your journey to Black Belt.


Thankyou to our Junior Instructors, Assistant Instructors and the rest of the instructor team for their continued help in class and at the grading 🙂


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Wigan Class Venue Change

From September Paul Senseis Wigan class will be moving to St Peters Catholic High School.  This will be the main hall for club events and courses.

The first Class will be Sunday 3rd September  all training days  times will be remain the same.

The full address is

St Peters Catholic High School

Howards Lane

Orrell, WN5 8NU


We look forward to seeing you at the new Venue


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Club News

We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer holidays!!!!

We have a busy few months ahead of us, we are just finalizing the dates so please keep your eyes on the events page for a list of upcoming events these include;

Grading Dates

Brown and Black Belt Courses

Instructor Training

End of year awards party

Exciting times ahead 🙂



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Website update

We will be running some maintenance on the website over the next week. This will include taking the club shop offline. Karate Gi and kumite protection can still be ordered through your Sensei, however the club t shirts and tracksuits are being replaced with new ones. They will be available to order soon 🙂



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